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Monday, February 9, 2009

Primary Leap Ltd. Launches new educational website

"Primary Leap Ltd. Launches new educational website, providing quality educational worksheets at a price everyone can afford..."
Monday, January 26, 2009 - permalink
Primary Leap Ltd. has launched a new website to encourage and help parents and teachers of primary school children to excel in their studies in the national curriculum at a price everyone can afford.

Primaryleapfrog.com launched with the three core subjects and is continuously bringing new material online. With their unique graphing system that allows parents to see how their child is progressing in any given subject at any time.

The Directors of primaryleapfrog.com launched this service to give all primary schools a chance to download quality resources. That allows them to best use their limited budgets for the other resources they desperately need.

Darren Robertson one of the company directors had this to say "Our aim is to bring education to all by creating a top quality resource site for both parents and teachers; we believe that educational resources like these should be made affordable for absolutely everyone, especially in these troubled times of economic crisis."

Darren also went on to say "We have set up a unique scheme allowing all primary schools in the UK to be able to access the site for no charge whatsoever, this is truly a unique step to helping give our children the best possible education we can."

Primary Leap Ltd. believes the best investment you can ever make is in our children's education and hopes that by introducing this new website we can once again make education a high priority in these difficult times.

To contact us about press related items write to pressoffice@primaryleapfrog.com.

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