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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Helping Children Succeed

Helping your child to gain success is a vital role.

If a child has support from both parents and teachers he or she is far more likely to do well at school.

Always encourage your children and congratulate them on their success. Encourage children to read, if they are having difficulties, read with them, share reading, read alternate pages with them.

Try to get into a good study routine, children need to know a good work ethic will be rewarded. Parents need to know what their children are studying at school. Then they can reinforce these skills at home. Make it enjoyable, show an interest and they will surely gain interest and they in turn will surely gain interest and confidence in their work. At Primary Leapfog.com there are hundreds of primary level worksheets available to help you to help your child.

We hope to see you there soon.

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