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Friday, March 27, 2009

Sorry About The Delay But Weve Got Something New For You

Ok lets start with a sorry for lack of blogging over the past few weeks, here at primaryleapfrog.com we have been extremely busy working on a whole new load of content, and boy have we got some great new stuff coming out over the next few months.

So What have we got new for you?

Well we are going to start listing all the new content as and when it rolls out right here, so that you are valued customers can find out up to date information on whats just been released. We are also going to have a few previews of the worksheets here as and when they come online.

We are also going to have previews of some of the new content thats being developed right now, so watch this space.....

So lets get started with whats new this week.

This week sees the introduction of Year 4 History Ancient Egypt, this unit is packed full of information on the Ancient Egyptians. Discover who the Gods and Godesses were, find out about the river Nile and how long its is, try a hand at our Egyptian Sudoku and much, much more...

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